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We thank you for your interest in working with us. We look forward to reviewing your application.  If we are able to set up you for an interview to discuss your employment prospects, we will call you on the phone numbers provided on your application.

Job Info:

Our company's beginnings date back to 1953 as a small scale Family Business. The company has been passed down through many generations and has grown to the size of 20 locations and hundreds of Seasonal Crew Members! Beginning in 2012, we were proud to be selected to serve the Santa Cruz Warriors, Santa Cruz's first professional sports team!

Our greatest pride comes from our Crew.

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We take a caring interest in each one during the present and in their future. We need ambition and promote success.

We can offer you...

  • Customer Service and Public Relations experience
  • A motivating employment referral program
  • Satisfaction in being part of a working team
  • Knowledge of cash handing procedures
  • Reward programs for a Job-Well-Done
  • Many opportunities for Advancement
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Great Pay
  • Friends
  • Fun!

Here are the Whiting's Foods Employment Facts:

IMPORTANT EMPLOYMENT NOTE: Since January 2012, California State Law Requires All Food Service Workers Take A Food Safety Course and Pass A Test To Receive Their "Food Handler Card."

WHAT THIS MEANS:  At Whiting's Foods, if a person is hired, we will require that proof of the card be shown BEFORE any hours will be worked.  Therefore; it would be to your advantage to have the card completed before applying. (Although this is not a requirement.)

HOW TO GET THE FOOD HANDLER CARD:  We have found ServSafe to be a great resource for their online course and test. They can be found at http://www.foodhandlerusa.com/. It is common to be able to find coupon codes at retailmenot.com

Another great site is PremierFoodSafety. (Click name for link.)

Minimum Starting Age: The majority of our positions are for those 16 years or older. However, we do on occasion have positions for those who are 15 years old. It is rare that we hire under the age of 16. The only exception is those applicants who may be 15 and turning 16 this year, and these cases are few. Of note: The vast majority of positions at the Santa Cruz Warriors arena are for those who are 18 years of age and over.

Scheduling: Full time placements occur during the four months of summer, from mid May through Labor Day Weekend. The remainder of the year is comprised of weekends and holidays plus the Spring Break vacation period. Many individuals do work with us the entire year; full time during summer, and on the weekends the rest of the year. All of our Crew Members over the age of 16 are expected to work evening hours when necessary. For those interested in working the Santa Cruz Warriors arena, that schedule varies greatly.

Job Responsibilities: All new hires start in our Counter Sales positions. Customer Service would be your primary responsibility. All applicants should enjoy the excitement that comes with the public contact and beneficial experience gained in this area. All Crew Members over the age of 18 are expected to sell alcoholic beverages (beer) where applicable.

Grooming Standards: More detailed requirements are outlined in our handbook. Please review the general information provided here. Various items of uniform apparel are provided.

Uniform: Two uniform shirts are provided.

Acceptable pants and shorts are to be clean, presentable, solid-colored (no stripes, etc.). The colors allowed are khaki (tan), grey, navy or black. Fabric choices are denim (but NO blue jeans) or sturdy cotton such as Dickies or Ben Davis. (No sweats, lycra, logo-style or athletic wear.) Baggy, oversized pants or shorts are not allowed. Pants and shorts must fit properly at the waist. No bleached, torn or frayed pants or shorts. Shorts need to be of the "longer" style. No "short" shorts are allowed. Skirts are not allowed.

Shoes must be worn. They are to be athletic/tennis/skate shoes of the closed toe and closed heel variety. Flip-flops, sandals, ballet flat-style, "fashion" boots and Ugg-style boots are not permitted.

Hair: All Crew must choose hairstyles which are conservative and are not extreme. Hair color must be natural or dyed a natural color. Extreme highlights or extreme two-tone hair is not allowed.

Male Hair: Men's hair must not be lower than the back of the collar. The sides are to be neatly trimmed. They may not wear their hair in a ponytail or tucked under a cap. Side burns must be neatly trimmed. Neatly groomed mustaches and goatees are permitted. However, the growing-in of a goatee is not permitted. They may only be grown during a period of time off. Otherwise, males must be clean shaven.

Jewelry: Conservative, tasteful, appropriate jewelry is acceptable. Women are permitted to wear three earrings per ear as long as they are matching. The primary pair of earrings must not exceed 1-1/2 inches in length. The second set of earrings must be a post or stud and may not dangle. Men are allowed to wear one earring with the specifications previously listed. Gauged ears may be stretched to a 4 gauge and no larger, only plugs are allowed (no tapers or tunnels).

Other visible piercing for men and women is NOT allowed, to include tongue and nose piercing. You may not cover piercings or tattoos with bandages or make-up.

Tattoos: Tattoos are not permitted if visible when wearing a Whiting's Foods uniform.

* It is important to note that this Grooming Policy is Boardwalk Wide and there is ZERO Tolerance for non-compliance.

Compensation: Our over 18 year old employees will earn $9.35 per hour, 16 and 17 year old employees will earn $9.10 per hour. The few 15 year olds that are hired earn $9.00 per hour. We offer a 50% food discount on any food item purchased at a Whiting's Foods location through the use of our discount program. 

The Application Process: When completing your application, be sure to fill it out completely, accurately and carefully. Be sure that we have the complete name, address, phone number and supervisor's name at your previous employer. We do check references. Incomplete applications will not be considered for employment.


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We thank you for your interest in working with us. We look forward to reviewing your application.  If we are able to set up you for an interview to discuss your employment prospects, we will call you on the phone numbers provided on your application.

Whitings Foods operates the majority of the

food locations on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

and also serves the concessions at the

Santa Cruz Warriors Arena.